How Vanpooling Works


A Better Way to Commute

Vanpools are an ride sharing arrangement similar to a carpool, but on a larger scale with concurrent savings in fuel and vehicle operating costs.  The vans are provided by Ride EZ and the riders pay a monthly fee to participate.  This fee is often covered in full by the transit subsidy provided by the government.

The key concept is that people share the ride from home or one or more common meeting locations and travel together to a common destination or work center.

Benefits include:

Speed: The van can use the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes because normally more than 2-3 people ride.
Fixed schedule (makes life more predictable).
Saving the cost of gasoline
Riders often can have significant reductions in the cost of personal automobile insurance (insurance for the rideshare component is usually provided as part of the vanpool program).
Incentives from local/federal transportation authorities offset cost.